For Bulk Piping


  1. Butterfly Valves
  2. Gate Valves
  3. Check Valves
  4. Ball Valves
  5. Globe Valves
  6. Needle Valves

Origin : USA, France, India and China

Valves – HVAC/ Plumbing/ Fire Protection/ Water Works

Bronze, Cast Iron and Ductile Iron valves for Chilled water and Plumbing -(Fivalco, U.S.A)

  1. Gate, Globe, Check, Double Regulating(Balancing Valves), Ball, Butterfly, Strainers, Expansion Joints(Rubber and Stainless steel Bellows), Suction Diffuser, Triple Duty valves.
  2. Complete range of UL/FM approved Fire protection Valves including Fire hydrant. Grooved end valves are available with Metric and ANSI pipe grooved ends